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US-1010496-A: Railroad-car brake. patent, US-101093-A: Improvement in egg-carriers patent, US-1011059-A: Oven-door. patent, US-1011473-A: Sewing-machine guide. patent, US-1011478-A: Grinding-machine. patent, US-1011754-A: Snap-switch. patent, US-1011901-A: Pneumatic tire. patent, US-1011994-A: Excavating-machine. patent, US-1012531-A: Process for the manufacture of solid-fashioned bodies containing silicon carbid. patent, US-1012863-A: Concrete grave-vault. patent, US-1013700-A: Silicon carbid. patent, US-1013798-A: Flue or draft motor. patent, US-1014690-A: Butter-flavoring. patent, US-1015333-A: Bobbin-carriage and bobbin of lace machinery. patent, US-1015429-A: Sheet-metal-bending machine. patent, US-1015470-A: Lubricator-filling vessel. patent, US-101559-A: Improvement in grinding-machines patent, US-1015704-A: Separator for vacuum-pans. patent, US-1015943-A: Explosive projectile. patent, US-1017603-A: Tag-holder. patent, US-1017658-A: Ribbon-feeding mechanism for reproducing-machines. patent, US-101775-A: George shove patent, US-1017965-A: Metallic railroad-tie. patent, US-1018031-A: Scaffolding attachment for roofs of buildings. patent, US-101892-A: Improvement in surface-condensers patent, US-1019138-A: Railway-car coupling. patent, US-1019163-A: Electric meter. patent, US-1019836-A: Centrifugal separating-machine. patent, US-1020723-A: Pivoted support for vehicle-wheels. patent, US-102196-A: Improvement in advertising-desks patent, US-1022221-A: Indicator for locks. patent, US-1024763-A: Air-cooling apparatus for fruit. patent, US-1024835-A: Roller-skate. patent, US-1025057-A: Magnifying-glass. patent, US-1025227-A: Apparatus for measuring volume of flowing water, &c. patent, US-1025249-A: Photographic-printing machine. patent, US-102580-A: Improvement in carriag-e-hubs patent, US-1026123-A: Calculator. patent, US-102686-A: Improvement in compounds for treating- rheumatism patent, US-1026966-A: Pipe-coupling. patent, US-1027121-A: Indurated albuminoid compound. patent, US-1027175-A: Trolley. patent, US-1027271-A: Sight for rifles and machine-guns. patent, US-1027966-A: Feeder for baling-presses. patent, US-1028062-A: Sanitary mop. patent, US-1028389-A: Method of treating steel. patent, US-1028641-A: Gate. patent, US-1029181-A: Mechanism for preventing excessive speeds of automobiles. patent, US-1029194-A: Dump-car. patent, US-1031197-A: Corset. patent, US-1031255-A: Process of making artificial fuel. patent, US-1032482-A: Safety-valve. patent, US-1032865-A: Envelop-opener. patent, US-1032994-A: Signal-indicating device for railways. patent, US-1033651-A: Umbrella. patent, US-1033898-A: Feather duster. patent, US-1033913-A: Construction of tanks and the like. patent, US-1035080-A: Button. patent, US-1035346-A: Friction-clutch. patent, US-1035621-A: Car-fender. patent, US-103640-A: Improved apparatus for painting patent, US-1036761-A: Acid-tank. patent, US-1037902-A: Sickle-grinder. patent, US-1038585-A: Car-unloading shovel. patent, US-1039006-A: Protectors for the safety devices of oil-container. patent, US-103913-A: Improved fuel-press patent, US-1040178-A: Vehicle-wheel. patent, US-1041264-A: Supporting-arm for display-cases. patent, US-104197-A: Improvement in device for raising and lowering gas-fixtures patent, US-104215-A: Improvement in pile-drivers patent, US-1042519-A: Mechanical directory and advertising device. patent, US-1042870-A: Back-strap for shoes. patent, US-1042964-A: Churn attachment. patent, US-10450-A: Thomas peossbr patent, US-1047090-A: Stage-noise cabinet. patent, US-1047443-A: Regulator for fluid-heating systems. patent, US-1047494-A: Means for controlling the expression of pneumatic music-players. patent, US-1047724-A: Tiling. patent, US-104793-A: Improved bridle-bit patent, US-1048416-A: Card-punching device for automatic embroidery-machines. patent, US-1048439-A: Electrically-actuated railway-switch. patent, US-1048955-A: Valve for automobile-tires or the like. patent, US-1049272-A: Acoustic apparatus. patent, US-1049382-A: Voting-machine. patent, US-1049422-A: Lift-bridge. patent, US-1050057-A: Truss-brace. patent, US-1050397-A: Heating system. patent, US-1050417-A: Rail-clamp. patent, US-1051177-A: Gas-generating apparatus. patent, US-1051390-A: Plant-support. patent, US-1051551-A: Game apparatus. patent, US-1051888-A: Lubricating-pump. patent, US-1052410-A: Spring-motor. patent, US-1052528-A: Inductive controlling apparatus. patent, US-1052610-A: Door or shutter. patent, US-1052951-A: Hat-pin protector. patent, US-1053001-A: Lamp-burner. patent, US-1054004-A: Automatic cistern-cleaner. patent, US-1054044-A: Animal-catcher. patent, US-1054477-A: Hinge for brushes. patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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